Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I love the weekends. But time is going by way to fast before ya know we'll all be dead. 
I have my niece Terra over this weekend. It's been great. I wish she was my own, well a girl her age at least. She has been such the Lil helper. She helps clean and watch the boys. Andrew goes to bed on time and not in our bed. 
I took her with me today to help with a photo shoot, see jennifersorensenphotography.blogspot.com, to see the pic. and she helped me carry stuff, moved thing that needed moving and was totally quite and out of the way. What a good apprentice. 
But the weekend is coming to an end, sad to say. And another work week begins, yuck. However it is a good thing I LOVE my job. It challenging and I move around a LOT so I'm not getting any fatter. Not that I am getting skinnier but not fatter. I gain 15lbs just sitting there. 
Well everyone have a great one. LY!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great Grandma Musser

Her funeral was today. Heard lost of fun and interesting stories. Memories that I didn't remember and thoughts of what life should be like. They called her Granny and I didn't know that. She live 98 great years. Born in 1910. Wow. November 1st in salt lake. Did you know there was an LDS high? And her husband met her while being a TA. there. I am so glad that one of my kids met her, even though he was to little to really remember but we got pictures. 

I was ok a little tears through songs and speakers. I didn't really cry until they were Wheeled her past us. She will be missed but she is with us more now in sprit then we could ever visit her here on earth. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Near Death

Death by French Fry. Saturday the boys and I had McDonald's for dinner. I was driving & eating the boys fries from their happy meals, Drew got a suction cup spider-man I wanted to show him that it stuck to the window. So I put it on the front window and took a bite of my fry then said, "That's cool huh?" and on the huh the fry went in and down my air pipe. I was chocking no air was coming in or out. I was dieing. 
I pulled over openned the door and coughed the fry out. Still nothing, coughing and more coughing fry coming out like vomit I couldn't breath. I tryed my strawberry shake to see if I could get it down. Nope. It felt like it was in my lungs. More coughing and pain and coughing. Finally relief I could breath. My cheast hurt like I'd been hit with a 2x4. I had tears running down my face. Ty and Drew seemed concerned But I was ok. Ok enough to drive. But I didn't want anymore fries. Now today I'm still coughing I think I strand my back under my shoulder. It's so sore and it's right wear my bra sits. 
All in all I am fine. But it will be a while til I eat French Fries.